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What do we want to do? 

We aim to safeguard the future of  Masbrough Independent Chapel  and the 
attached graveyard, which contains the "burial house" of the Walker family, 
now commonly known as the Walker  Mausoleum. Together, they are one 
of the most  important surviving historic sites in the Rotherham Borough. 
Their condition has deteriorated over a long period and they are currently 
in private ownership.
Short Term Objectives; We want to: 
* Support the Greenspaces team in maintaining the burial ground regularly
* Improve access to the graveyard and mausoleum by holding open days
* Promote our aims and the history of the chapel, graveyard and Walker family through events and publicity
Medium Term Objectives
* Raise funds to restore the Walker Mausoleum and other tombs in the graveyard 
* Raise funds for a study to assess the feasibility of purchasing the site and options for it use
Long Term Objectives 
We want to raise funds to purchase the site and use it as a public resource in one or more of the following ways: 
* educational courses and public meeting rooms
* displays on the history of the site  and the Walker Family
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